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Posted: 14 Mar 2017, 08:58
by gelrav
On sunday I installed globeROM_v8_virgo_7.3.9_cfg-gceto. I had to notice that it uses much more battery than globeROM_v8_virgo_7.3.2_cfg-ocgtead.
Before I had installed Mr. Ivans 7.1.1 - a very small Rom, but some features didn't work completely, e.g. GPS is very slow and some contacts did not appear in my car by bluetooth.

Additionally at 2017_03_15
Now I see that bluetooth needs 93% Akku when I look at the tab Hardware - courious I think.

Does any body else read this ? Otherwise I can stop these comments.

Re: globeROM_v8_virgo_7.3.9_cfg-gceto

Posted: 19 Mar 2017, 14:37
by gelrav
I just tried the stable version, but bluetooth seems to be a problem. Now I got 76.6% Akku used by bluetooth.

Re: globeROM_v8_virgo_7.3.9_cfg-gceto

Posted: 24 Apr 2017, 16:52
by nhuconcac
Tại sao bluetuoth lại ngốn nhiều pin như thế.Thật không thể tin được :shock: