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by Kajmaj
07 Jul 2017, 10:19
Forum: Support and Help
Topic: A few bugs in 7.7.6 - no VoLTE, no sound
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A few bugs in 7.7.6 - no VoLTE, no sound

It might be in previous versions as well but I recognized it now.
There disappeared VoLTE in 7.7.6 in my RN 4X (global) and there is no sound in a loudspeaker during calls (while switched to loudspeaker). In other cases the loudspeaker works well (music, ringing, ..)
by Kajmaj
01 May 2017, 16:31
Forum: Support and Help
Topic: [REQUEST] Xposed Framework
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Re: [REQUEST] Xposed Framework

Principally yes, you can flashl Xposed Framework as your personal choice in a separate step.
Up to Marshmallow it should work (not all modules, but there is even at least one specially for MIUI)
For Nougat it is still under development and it requires time.

Anyhow, Xposed is about trying ;)
by Kajmaj
01 May 2017, 16:22
Forum: General Development
Topic: GPS optimization
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Re: GPS optimization

There is no need to have it as flashable file.
Try to use, for example, ... rgps&hl=cs ;)
It is self explanatory I guess.
by Kajmaj
01 May 2017, 14:45
Forum: RedMi Note 4
Topic: Unlock bands
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Re: Unlock bands

I would not be so optimistic. Bands are hardware issue (you need different modems/receivers) so no way to unlock them by the ROM modification.
Here it is discussed ... nt.422831/ :roll: