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by made-in-tirol
13 May 2018, 14:41
Forum: Mi 5
Topic: mpdecision
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Re: mpdecision

I want to ask the same question! but makes it sense to install it? how much battery will I save in which scenario? I Think about when I am listening music I don't need 4 cores! has anyone experience with it?
by made-in-tirol
02 Feb 2018, 09:33
Forum: Mi 5
Topic: Mi 5 update
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Re: Mi 5 update

JohnMi5 wrote:I need help in this please...
has it worked? you need help?
by made-in-tirol
08 Sep 2017, 06:55
Forum: RedMi 4 / Pro / A / X
Topic: 7.9.7
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Re: 7.9.7

I think when it's ready! don't ask for updates.... it's a rule for every development forum ;-)
by made-in-tirol
10 Aug 2017, 15:45
Forum: Mi 5
Topic: disable camera2 API?
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disable camera2 API?

is there a possibility to disable camera2 API on my Mi5? (flashable zip or modify built prob) I changed the build prob forme "" to "" because when I tried to take a photo with long exposure it was only white. now with this setting it was disa...
by made-in-tirol
09 Apr 2017, 16:53
Forum: Support and Help
Topic: Changelog 7.4.6
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Re: Changelog 7.4.6

for me also Playstore Not working Mi4c
by made-in-tirol
23 Feb 2017, 20:56
Forum: Mi 4c
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I found this thread ... &mobile=no

I think it can be important for gamer. I am not a gamer and have NOT checked this patch! I only share it.
by made-in-tirol
23 Feb 2017, 13:17
Forum: Mi 4c
Topic: Couldn't verify device, Current account is different from the account info on the device
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Re: Couldn't verify device, Not connected to Mi Phone

are you sure that your phone is locked? my was unlocked and I thought that it is locked! with unlocked phone I always get this error! how have you flashed TWRP? I tried it with a toolkit and get the message that everything is fine but it was not flashed! later I flashed manual in Windows with CMD.ex...
by made-in-tirol
21 Feb 2017, 16:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New ROM Builder - Need BETA Tester !!!
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Re: New ROM Builder - Need BETA Tester !!!

for me everything works fine! fast download and good flashing on MI4c.
the only thing is for me that the options to set MOD´s (center clock (dont like), viper4A.....) are hidden. I would prefer that it is visible and center clock is not Standard enabled.

good work! Thanks!
by made-in-tirol
20 Feb 2017, 15:49
Forum: Mi 4c
Topic: Flash GAPPS?
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Re: Flash GAPPS?

I tried but after flashing I have Google apps double on my phone :shock:
by made-in-tirol
19 Feb 2017, 06:58
Forum: Mi 4c
Topic: Flash GAPPS?
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Flash GAPPS?

Is it possible to flash gapps via TWRP on nougat based MIUI? I know that gapps are already in the ROM but smart lock is not really working and I want to use it.