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by melmarj0nes23
11 Nov 2017, 21:29
Forum: General Development
Topic: [APP] MiUI Statusbar Pro
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Re: [APP] MiUI Statusbar Pro

Wow this is brilliant!
by melmarj0nes23
08 Nov 2017, 23:14
Forum: MiUI GlobeROM Changelog
Topic: Changelog 7.11.2
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Re: Changelog 7.11.2

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank @dr4kendroid and the rest of his team for the never ending development they're working with to give us a very good Xiaomi Miui experience. I've been using this since I was on RN3, RedMi Pro, RN4x, and now Mi5x. I never had any problem since the beg...