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by MiPenguin
06 Dec 2017, 04:30
Forum: Mi Mix 2
Topic: mi-globe 7.10.X or earlier ? Anyone ?
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mi-globe 7.10.X or earlier ? Anyone ?

Hi guys,

Any one who has kept a 7.10.26 version (or earlier) version of mi-globe for the mi Mix 2 ?
Would ike to try that again to see if that solves the lazinees of my GPS in 7.11.X or later versions.

by MiPenguin
05 Dec 2017, 20:57
Forum: Support and Help
Topic: Older versions of mi-globe ?
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Older versions of mi-globe ?

Hi guys, As the proud owner of the mi Mix 2 I tried several MIUI derivative ROMs and the one I love most is mi-globe. But it seems that the latest MIUI based on 9.1.X are somewhat lazy with the GPS : it always shows me about 50/60 meters behind where I am which is sometimes really confusoing when I ...