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by Louis235
31 Mar 2018, 05:49
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Topic: Magisk and Adaway
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Magisk and Adaway

Hey guys. I've downloaded 8.3.29 and would like to ask before I flash it: does Adaway work with Magisk? The reason, why I ask is that I faced many problems before with these 2. Mostly all I get is a black screen when I try to open Adaway. Thank you very much in advance for any answer. Best regards M...
by Louis235
12 Jan 2018, 07:41
Forum: Support and Help
Topic: Updater shows Rom
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Updater shows Rom

Good Morning @all. When I open my updater app, it shows an Update from my current MiGlobe Stable up to But that is a Rom Version. If I would do the update, would I lose Mi Globe Rom, or would a dirty Flash prevent me from that? Many thanks in advance. Best regards Michael
by Louis235
20 Dec 2016, 07:17
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Topic: Theme store not working
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Re: Theme store not working

Hi. I'm new to this Rom and I must admit that it's working very very well. Thanks for providing such a great Rom. However, I also have problems with the Theme Store. I'm on the latest Stable Version. Whenever I try to open Theme Store it says "Can't load preview". And if I try to download a theme it...