After massive Battery drain back to last MIUI 7xxx Eu Stable

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After massive Battery drain back to last MIUI 7xxx Eu Stable

Post by henryfatzke » 14 Jan 2017, 13:29

Hi Guys, after massive Battery draining on last Miui STABLE Roms i decidet to swich back to the last Miui 7??? Eu Stable Rom!
Can anybody suggest which version recommend?
Or maby is anybody out there got ab backup (link?) of the latest sMIUI Stable Rom?
I think it was very smooth and batterysaving!
Hope someone can help :roll:

Ok Guys, the links i shared here before had roms that keept malware scrips inside. thank god somebody told me bevore i installet this.
I didnt knew that smiui had this trouble, because in this time i didnt update my rom...thank god :)
hope nobody downloaded the rom from this links or installed this rom. If somebody did please try to delete the rom and install one from here or xiaomi eu!!! for clearification, there was two files inside to install in system/bin called api and apiget, these two files are malware!!!
so to me it makes no sense to go ahead on this project...
From my site this treat can be closed!
One last thing to the admins, maby you can create for the devices right now having troble on miui 8 one stable rom from last miui 7 rom.
I know that this is not your job and may be a lot of extra work for you but it makes allso not much sense to work on buggy roms only because they are new ;) if not we still can swich to miui eu stable rom, but as we all love your rom here it would be very nice!

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