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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Post by dr4kendroid » 17 Jan 2017, 12:47

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update MIUI globeROM via OTA ?
Our ROM does not support OTA updates! In order to update the ROM go to http://www.mi-globe.com , build your ROM , download and flash like a new installation.

Do I have to wipe data (factory reset) when I install or update MIUI globeROM ?
These rules apply to every MIUI ROM:
Wipe dalvik and cache when you simply install or upgrade our ROM.
Wipe data (factory reset) when you downgrade ROM (for example from 7.1.12 to 6.12.8).
Wipe data (factory reset) when you upgrade to new Android Version (for example from 6.0 Marshmallow to 7.0 Nougat).
Wipe data (factory reset) when you upgrade to new MIUI (for MIUI 8 to MIUI 9).
Factory reset is never a MUST. But you should do it when you feel your phone is a little bit buggy after updating.

Should I wipe data before or after ROM flashing?
When you want to wipe data you have to do this before you flash the ROM, because ROM installation also affects /data partition.

What is the MIUI base for MIUI globeROM and mods ?
We build MIUI globeROM and all mods only for DEV and STABLE ROMS released by xiaomi.eu multilanguage Team.

What is the difference between default ROM and expert Settings ?
Default ROMs contain all globeROM Basic features + the most selected expert Features users have selected in the past when downloading globeROM. You can see all these settings preselected when pressing "Show expert settings".
If you want to change some of these settings, you can do this by pressing "Show expert settings" and change whatever you want.

My expert Settings have not been applied! Whats the problem ?
You must not change the FileName of the downloaded ROM ZIP-File ! It contains information about the configuration you chose in the ROM Builder. Flashing with "adb sideload" or ROM Manager Apps might also be a problem, because they temporary rename the file to flash it! If this happens, flashing process will install globeROM default features.

Some of the features I selected on the ROM Builder are not working! What can I do ?
Please upload your /sdcard/globeROM_install.log and /sdcard/MIUI/globeROM_boot.log to our Support Forum ! We will help you finding the problem.

I flashed globeROM but I cannot see any changes to xiaomi.eu ROM. Bootanimation is the same and Settings -> MIUI Version is showing "xiaomi.eu"
Please upload your /sdcard/globeROM_install.log and /sdcard/MIUI/globeROM_boot.log to our Support Forum ! We will help you finding the problem.

MiXplorer, Adaway or other Apps I selected are not installed after ROM Installation.
Please make sure you have enabled "Allow USB install" in developer settings on your phone! In some cases the automatic installation does not work. For that case you will find the APK file of your selected Apps on your storage at "/sdcard/MIUI/" to install it manually. Please upload your /sdcard/globeROM_install.log and /sdcard/MIUI/globeROM_boot.log to our Support Forum ! We will help you finding the problem.

I cannot open Audio Headphone Settings.
This is no bug. Its a feature from Viper / Dolby ATMOS ! They disable it because they have their own optimizations! If you want to use MIUI Audio Settings, please disable Viper / Dolby ATMOS on your next ROM building.
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