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by enzobelmont
15 Sep 2017, 16:22
Forum: MiUI GlobeROM Changelog
Topic: Changelog 7.9.14
Replies: 25
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Re: Changelog 7.9.14

Hi, I have just installed updated version and scripts are not working, it installed ringtones and center clock, even when I built it without it.

thanks in advance.
by enzobelmont
04 Sep 2017, 16:54
Forum: MiUI GlobeROM Changelog
Topic: Changelog 7.8.31
Replies: 15
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Re: Changelog 7.8.31

dr4kendroid wrote:
Kevin Caesaredo wrote:New bootanimation please :D

whats wrong wit the current?

Sorry if I am rude, but I want to be sincere.

To me the boot animation with the big globe is ugly, I would like it to be optional, as other mods.


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