Changelog 7.4.20

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Re: Changelog 7.4.20

Postby Johnny » 25 Apr 2017, 20:22

Fucking Shit my Widgets are again gone ans they Dont Work. I have Made factory Reset 3 weeks ago -.- What creates this and is there another fix?

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Re: Changelog 7.4.20

Postby rickymanx » 25 Apr 2017, 23:15

this last one killed my battery, installed on Mi3w with a stable version I had 5 hours of SOT, but with this one I have the process "Android" sucking all the battery "34%" and 2 hours SOT.
Anyone having same issue?
I tried battery powersave option when I downloaded the ROM

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Re: Changelog 7.4.20

Postby be2x » 26 Apr 2017, 00:56

Peter_File wrote:
be2x wrote:Why im cant install themes etc,in miui themes?

You have to disable custom launcher for miui theme app to work.

I do not use any custom launcher, the display is still standard miui
Now i use mi4c
Thank you for the answer

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Re: Changelog 7.4.20

Postby Anjoe » 26 Apr 2017, 17:48

I have the bug, that a restart with the option "Recovery" doesn't work.

Allways starts up normally into System.

Redmi Note 3 Kate.

Anyone else this problem?

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Re: Changelog 7.4.20

Postby abhy_boy » 27 Apr 2017, 06:56

Please release 7.4.27


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