Changelog 7.2.23/24

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Re: Changelog 7.2.23/24

Postby dr4kendroid » 27 Feb 2017, 15:26

der_marv wrote:
dr4kendroid wrote:
der_marv wrote:

Hi dr4kendroid,

it is not possible to upload a .log or .txt file :-(
This is the error message.

Invalid file extension: globeROM_install.log

Sorry, wrong option. Please try again. Now you should be able to upload .log Files

Thanks :-)

Thanks for reporting. Bug is fixed :)
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Re: Changelog 7.2.23/24

Postby lzwfkv » 27 Feb 2017, 15:46

dr4kendroid wrote:
lzwfkv wrote:
dr4kendroid wrote:We already did. We have latest ROMs online.

Many thanks, very nice job and appreciate your efforts :-)
Nonetheless, i can't find 7.2.24 for kate (RN3 SE) and few other devices in ROM Builder whilst has released v. 7.2.4 for kate; i can see 7.2.4 for RN3 and RN3PRO.
May be a matter of being patient, waiting for upload?

Thank you again.

Found the bug. Its fixed. Next ROM you download will remove Email App.

Thanks for reporting.

Wow you are an outstanding modder, you even remembered the bugs i reported some post earlier and fixed it so fast :-)
It works flawless: no more Xiaomi email app installed when selected that option in ROM Builder now, that's great.
Thanks for your work with GlobeROM and with this forum you are all nice guys in the team.


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Re: Changelog 7.2.23/24

Postby Peter_File » 28 Feb 2017, 12:36

Latest uploads working fine, thanks for the effort.

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Re: Changelog 7.2.23/24

Postby esmeraldo » 28 Feb 2017, 19:32

can't slide left or right on instagram stories, it slides the whole page. Anybody confirm this?

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Re: Changelog 7.2.23

Postby tafkab60 » 02 Mar 2017, 07:58

Gabrikira wrote:All good in Redmi Pro, thanks!

Yes !!!
regards TafkaB !

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