Any way to unlock european LTE bands?

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Any way to unlock european LTE bands?

Postby Derausmwaldkam » 08 Apr 2017, 12:36

Hi there,

So I run your wonderful rom in my mi note and have a question:

In china, LTE is used on different frequencies (or bands) as in europe. The default frequency that is used in china and europe is 2600 MHz afaik (band 7) and that one is supported by xiaomi. But in my city (around 100k people live here), I can get LTE in exactly one street. The rest of the city uses the LTE band 20, that is 800 MHz, that one is not supported by my phone.

I googled this and it seems that this limitation is only software-related, as the hardware should support this frequency without any problems. So, as your rom is rooted by default, there should be a way to bypass this limitation and to use LTE all around the city.

Does anyone know an app to unlock this or is it even possible to unlock all bands by default in your rom?

Best wishes and have a nice day :)

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Re: Any way to unlock european LTE bands?

Postby dr4kendroid » 08 Apr 2017, 18:59

These guys are trying to unlock those bands for Mi5 for quite a while.
Its not easy... ... 476/page30
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