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MIUI Theme Bungkuser

Postby henryfatzke » 05 Feb 2018, 13:57

Hi Folks,

today i wanna share a nice Theme Backup Tool, found on http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=49973&highlight=bungkus

I'm not the autor of this tool, but i testet it on my Redmi Note 2 and it works pretty cool!
Here is the the original description:

"Themes is one of many MIUI great features. And yes it is, MIUI has hundreds
of outstanding yet breathtaking theme available on its Theme Manager.
And Also, MIUI allowed us to MIX thoose theme to fit with our liking.

Once we have mix theme as we like, we should do something about it.
we may want to apply those mix when we get bored with another mix theme.
at least that's what i feel

So, i presented to u,

Apps Name : MIUI Theme Bungkuser.
Description : simple MIUI Theme backup tools
Author : jmkl
requirement : MIUI Rom Only
need root access : yes

with this app, u can do Backup your current mix theme and restore it whenever u like.
u can backup as many mix theme as you want. as long as you have available storage space to store those theme
and also u can choose which part of a theme did u want to backup (wheter it's icons,framework, lockstyle, etc)


so, why don't give it a shot?


1. save ur time setting up ur mix theme
2. can apply theme while u'r offline

1. applied theme from this apps will not listed in theme manager
2. u cant choose which part of backup u want to apply"

My opinion is, this tool is really useful and tiny small and so far i testet stable...
Maby it can be added in Rom Builder in future, lets see what the admins say :D
to be is to do (socrates)
to do ist to be (sartre)
do be do be do (sinatra) :lol:

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